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Aqueon® BettaBow 1 with Quick Clean Technology makes first time fishkeeping easy. Betta will love this one gallon aquarium complete with low profile hood, elevated base, betta food and water care samples. This kit is equipped with a unique feature – Quick Clean Technology, making water changes easy to perform in only 1 minute. Good water quality is important for the appearance of the aquarium and essential for your Betta to remain healthy and happy.

This kit is equipped with Quick Clean Technology, a uniquely designed side spout that helps empty the aquarium quickly and with no mess. Also included are two collection cups to make your water changes even easier. Simply place one cup under the Quick Clean Technology spout, then the spout, this is the first of a few steps to perform your water change. Using the second cup, add conditioned water to the aquarium to stir and purge dirty water from the aquarium. Close the side spout, continue adding conditioned water to the aquarium until filled and you are done! Aqueon® BettaBow1 with Quick Clean Technology is easy for you and great for your fish!

The BettaBow 1 Aquarium Kit with Quick Clean Technology Kit Contains:

  • Aquarium Vessel
  • Black Hood
  • Elevated Base
  • Two Collection Cups
  • Bett Food
  • Betta Bowl Plus Water Conditioner
  • Setup Guide