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Provides an instant and long lasting sheen. Conditions the coat and helps repel grass stains, mud and soiling, making grooming easier. Provides an oil free, evenly distributed shine; leaving the coat non-greasy. Features Equimist 360°, an innovative new technology that is set to revolutionize product application in the horse care world. Spray 360°:  Equimist 360° can spray a full 360°, meaning that you can even apply product while the dispenser is upside down. Perfect for the belly and other hard to reach places. Unbeatable Coverage: The fine misting application and minute droplet size ensure total coverage and a perfect, even finish every time. Continuous Action: Equimist 360° delivers a continuous, wider and finer spray pattern for a much more even distribution of product than all other traditional trigger sprays. Minimal Sound: The specially designed, non-aerosol trigger head provides minimal sound when spraying. Testing suggests that this dispenser is more readily accepted by young, or more nervous horses. No Waste: This technology provides unbeatable bottle evacuation, which means no more product is left in the bottom of the bottle. Ergonomic Design: Hand fatigue, often associated with normal trigger sprays and aerosols can be dramatically reduced with Equimist 360°.

600 ML