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CRYOCHAPS Equine Ice Bath Therapy Wraps are the indispensable ice wrap chap for horses post-exercise and post-injury for every discipline. Set of 4

NO MESSY ICE PACKS. Thin design takes up little freezer space.

Why do you need CRYOCHAPS?
CRYOCHAPS have been designed not only to help in the rehabilitation after injury but more importantly, be part of an everyday cool-down routine to focus on recovery & injury prevention. CRYOCHAPS have been developed to mimic ice bath or cold water immersion which has become part of many athlete’s recovery phase. The general theory behind this cold therapy is that the cold exposure helps to combat the micro trauma (small tears) in tissues & resultant soreness caused by intense or repetitive exercise. The cold therapy constricts blood vessels, flushes waste products & reduces swelling & tissue breakdown. Subsequently, as the tissue warms & the blood flow is increased, the healing process is jump-started. CRYOCHAPS provide cold therapy & essential compression to be proactive against injury, or, to help the healing process after injury.