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SKU C4215

Calf-Manna is a proven concentrated supplement for several species of animals that, when added to ordinary daily rations, makes a big difference in overall performance. Calf-Manna is fed to everything from growing and performance horses, to cattle, rabbits, goats, poultry and swine.

Why Calf-Manna® is the Ideal Performance Supplement for Horses

The following are examples of challenges horse owners face and how Calf-Manna is the solution to their performance issues.

The Challenge:
 Newly weaned foal is having a difficult time transitioning to feed

The Solution:
 Calf-Manna’s unique aroma and palatability attracts foals to feed and keeps them coming back for that great taste!

The Challenge:
• Stallion in rigorous breeding program
• Stressed performance horse
• Broodmare stressed due to breeding or pregnancy
• Sick horse

The Solution:
 Calf-Manna will ensure that a stressed horse stays interested in feed during times when it is crucial to do so

The Challenge:
 Feeding an economical/lower quality feed

The Solution:
 Calf-Manna will enhance the nutritional value of any feed, ensuring that the horse receives more performance from his feed

The Challenge:
 Poor quality coat

The Solution:
 Calf-Manna helps improve hair quality and adds sheen and luster to the coat.

50 LB