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SKU C177106-WH/L

Half pads have traditionally been used as a means to add corrective, therapeutic or orthopedic features to standard saddle pads. The Matrix T3 series of half pads are ergonomically designed. Build the half pad that your horse needs from a variety of materials and inserts that provide not only orthopedic and therapeutic protection but also contribute to overall performance.

Features & Benefits:

    Linear quilt of ETC™ fabric, breathable/wickable batting and polycotton twill bottom. ETC™ is an innovative fabric that provides a non-slip, anti-friction surface for a secure and stable saddle position. Offers high wicking and breathability for maximum moisture and heat removal. Stain-resistant and easy to clean. Ergonomic designs are specially contoured to provide support and protection for critical muscle groups without interfering with movement. Comes with spine-closure pocket for T3 inserts.


    CoolBack® Fleece

    CoolBack® fleece is made from a pile fabric with a dense concentration of resilient polyester fiber that is closely sheared to provide maximum cushioning with little or no matting or slipping. Hospital-inspired CoolBack® pile fabric is specifically designed to protect the horse and give years of top quality performance.