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SKU C170036

Matrix ORTHO-IMPACT Inserts

High density perforated 5mm Poron XRD 12 mm low density Viscoelastic foam for Supportive Protection

For general riding and schooling, especially beneficial for stabilizing the saddle and compensating for horse conformation problems; for riders who need back support. A layer of ultra-light high density Poron® XRD minimizes concussion; medium density viscoelastic (VE) foam offers stabilizing support for both saddle and rider. Poron® XRD with Microban® is high performance open-cell foam that absorbs 90% of the energy from the impact from the saddle on the horse's back as well as minimizing the energy bounce back that a rider experiences landing in the saddle, allowing for a more secure seat. VE foam offers maximum cushioning protection without restricting range of motion.

Sold in Pairs.