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SKU C170016

Matrix inserts have been designed using the T3 principles of ergonomic design and advanced technology. Choose the Matrix insert most suited to your horse's needs. 


High density perforated 5mm Poron XRD for Concussion Protection

For athletic performance and intense schooling. The ultra-light, ultrathin layer of high density Poron® XRD provides superior concussion protection by absorbing 90% of the shock from impact. Perforated for breathability and treated with Microban® for antimicrobial protection.

Poron® XRD is high performance open-cell foam that absorbs most of the energy not only from the impact of saddle on horse's back, but also from the rider on the saddle. Poron® XRD(TM) protects the horse from impact and it minimizes the energy bounce back that a rider experiences when landing in the saddle, allowing for a more secure seat.

Sold in pairs.