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SKU C717148-11/L
Manufactured using Poron® XRD™, breathable neoprene and a vented PU shell the new Smart Tendon Boot provides unparalleled protection to the horse’s delicate tendon area. To ensure a secure fit it features innovative fetlock locators incorporated in the ergonomic design. The inclusion of Poron® XRD™ foam in the key strike area means that the PU shell can be more flexible and therefore more comfortable than other products on the market because on impact the Poron® XRD™ foam stiffens to give added protection. We call this ‘Protection on Demand’.
• Ergonomic shape
• Ventilated PU shell - air tendon cooling
• Breathable neoprene with lycra binding
• Fetlock locators - to position the boot correctly which allows an air channel behind tendon to aid air cooling
• Poron® XRD™ in strike area
• Elastic and touch and close straps give complete adjust-ability with over-strap for additional security