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SKU F307-01820

Zoo Med

Sound Effects, Five Lighting Modes, Dynamic Effects, Dimmable and Four Button Conroller.

Bring the sounds of nature into your tank with five unique audio tracks. Choose between five different lighting modes to control the appearance of your aquarium. Enhance your tank's environment with two dynamic weather effects with synchronized sounds. Choose between fading clouds and mesmerizing thunderstorms. Dial in the perfect amount of light for your tank with dimmable white and blue LED's. Control your tank's sound and light with a simple four button controller.

Lighting Modes:

  • Mode 1: White and Blue lights on (Sound: Lake Waves)
  • Mode 2: White light only (Sound: Jungle Stream)
  • Mode 3: Blue light only (Sound: Nighttime Lake)
  • Mode 4: Light rain and waves
  • Mode 5: Thunderstorm